5 Fun Perks of being a Model

5 Fun Perks of being a Model

Modeling is most often seen as a shiny, shimmery, splendid career but behind the glitz and the glamour, it entails a lot of hard work to be a successful model. Still, there are many marvelous and fun reasons to become a model.

1. Salary

Modeling is among the best-paid jobs in the world. Models can make anywhere between $200 a day to $1,000 a day (Php 10,000 a day to Php 50,000 a day). Even as a part-time model, the fees you earn can greatly supplement your income especially if you’re a student or raising a family. If you choose to model full-time, work hard, and choose your jobs carefully, you can earn even much more than this. As supermodel Linda Evangelista once said, “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.”

modeling perks - salary

2. Flexibility

Models often work unconventional hours and may often be on a job for days or weeks at a time, but after that, you can take a break, the length of which is your choice. This is a perk not offered in most jobs.

Another luxury most people don’t get in their line of work is to choose the jobs you want to take. It is very important though to have an agent as he/she will help you get booked for the jobs and more importantly, an agent can offer invaluable insights and expertise as you map out your career path in becoming a success in the world of modeling.

modeling perks - flexibility

3. Travel

I became a model to see the world, to make enough money to travel and experience other cultures.” – supermodel Lauren Hutton

The fashion industry is always on the lookout for what’s new and that does not only apply to design but also includes backdrop sites for photoshoots. As a model, you get the chance to travel not only domestically but also internationally for those seasonal, thematic, avant-garde or even just raising-the-bar kinds of jobs.

As you make it bigger as a runway model, you may also get the chance to catwalk on runway shows in one or all of the major modeling markets in the world: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Though you won’t get a chance to sight-see during Fashion Week, you can soak in the culture of a new city or country before or after your work commitments.

modeling perks - travel

4. Connections

As a model going from one job to another, shooting or runway walking from one city/country to another, and attending events, it is inevitable that you will be meeting numerous new people. From fellow models to designers, photographers, and scouts, these people may serve as a useful connection later on. Though these events are usually parties, it is very important to remain professional at all times. You are there for work and your behavior can make or break your success as a model.

It is also an inevitability that at a certain age, you may not be doing as much modeling work as you did when you were younger. The connections you have made may give you a network to a different career, whether it’s connected to the fashion world or not.

modeling perks - connections

5. Publicity and Exposure

Whether you’re a part-time or a professional model, you are guaranteed a lot of publicity especially when you start appearing in magazine editorials and ad campaigns. This is an advantage for an up-and-coming model as these may pave the way for bigger and better jobs. With the right publicity and exposure, people from well-known and high-fashion brands will start to approach you.

Aside from getting jobs, you may use the publicity and exposure you receive (coupled with connections) as a platform for your advocacies and a stepping-stone to other things you may want to do aside from modeling.

Some models have done this: Ashley Graham-advocates body positivity; Karlie Kloss-gives scholarships to girls interested in computer science and software engineering; Kendall Jenner-created various business ventures collaborating with her sisters and well-known brands.

modeling perks - publicity and exposure

Here’s a bonus perk to being a model:


As you make a name in the industry, expect to receive some free stuff from the various brands that will want you to be part of their campaign. If you are on social media and are considered to be an influencer, you will also get free goodies from different people or companies who would want you to try and promote their brands on your page.

Aside from these, you can also get free professional photos, invites to A-list parties and tickets to different events.

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